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Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
Hole 1, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 4 | 378m

A short par 4 opening hole, with a gentle dogleg left. An ideal tee shot is aimed at the right hand fairway bunker with a slight draw. This should leave players with a short iron/wedge approach to a medium sized green. Long hitters, be aware of the trees left of the fairway – too long or left a tee shot will end up behind the trees.

Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
hole2, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 3 | 110m

This is a tough par 3 from the back tee. Players need to carry their mid to short irons over a bunker short left to a raised green, which is surrounded by pristine grassland and wetlands. A miss short and right of the green will find a small piece of fairway, with an open chip shot to the pin. Various tees will allow for some fun, as this hole could also play very short from the forward tees.

hole 3, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 4 | 426m

This medium to long par 4, with a slight dogleg right demands a good drive. Stay left of the trouble to the right of the fairway, to have an open shot into the green. The approach need to be straight though – a bunker on the right and a drop off on the left of the green would make a 4 on this hole a good score on any day.

Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
hole 4, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 4 | 292m

A short par 4 played with the beautiful backdrop of the Kranspoort mountain range. Long hitters have an opportunity to drive the green, but don’t miss the green long. The alternative is to position a fairway wood or long iron between the fairway bunkers, and play a delicate approach to a wide but shallow green. A fun hole where birdies will be plentiful, but so will the bogeys.

Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
hole 5, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 5 | 492m

A long par 5, playing down the Loskop valley, with the river and Kranspoort dam running along the right of the hole. There is plenty of space on the tee shot, but from the landing area onwards the fairway narrows down, with the dam and wetlands on the right, and some beautiful bushveld on the left. Play your second shot to one of the wider areas on the fairway, which should allow an open third shot onto the green. Look out - hippos and crocodiles have been spotted here before

Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
hole 6, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 3 | 121m

A short par three, with a small green guarded by trees on the right, will test your wedge play. Don’t miss this green right or long though. Different pin placements will make the hole play slightly different each time, but there’s nothing wrong with going for the middle of the green each time.

Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
hole 7, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 4 | 366m

A medium par 4 with a slight dogleg left. Fairway bunkers guard the corner of the dogleg, and the temptation might be there for the long hitters to try and carry it. This would leave a short pitch onto the green, but beware of the rough on the left of the hole – you’ll need your shotgun and bush cutter to look for balls there! Percentage golf would be a tee shot short of the bunkers, leaving you a mid to short iron into the large green, guarded by a bunker short left.

Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
hole 8, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 3 | 168m

A medium to long par 3 playing to a small green, set within a beautiful treed area, with stunning mountains and cliffs as a backdrop. Any balls right off the green would probably find a watery grave in the dense river floodplain. A par on this hole is always a good score.

hole 9, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

PAR 5 | 456m

A short to medium length par 5 with a very narrow fairway, carved out of the indigenous trees. The tee shot on this dogleg left hole is critical, as any strayed shots of the tee would probably end up in the jungle. The fairway opens up around the dogleg area, from where players would have a shot at the green, which is guarded by a big tree to the right, and a bunker to the left of the green. An accurate three-shot strategy might not feel as heroic, but would probably pay off in the long run, as any shot off target is sure to end up in the woods.

Couse Layout

Our Golf Course Layout

Set within the Loskop Valley, just a few kilometers upstream of the famous Loskop dam, we trust that you would have a great experience while playing or walking the golf course.

A nine-hole layout, with different tees for the second nine, will take you through some stunning and pristine landscapes, where game roams free, bird life abound, and time stands still. Visitors would experience some great savannah landscapes, wetlands, and trees on their journey around the golf course, and yes, the fairways are wide, but off the fairway, you will find the bush.

The course has beautifully flowing fairways, and golfers can expect great 'Bent' grass greens, which are a pleasure to putt on. Bring your clubs, but don’t forget your camera – we trust you will enjoy the walk. The course is designed in such a way to accommodate golfers and family/friends who prefer to enjoy a pleasant walking experience and stroll in nature.

Kranspoort Golf Course Layout, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal


Membership Fees, Kranspoort Golf Club, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal
Kranspoort Golf Fees trans.png
Course Rules

Local Course Rules

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27-1)

This includes all boundary fences and private residential areas. Areas marked with white stakes.

2. Water Hazards (Rule 26–1)

Indicated by yellow stakes. Donga and stream crossing - Hole no. 1
Small dam behind Hole no 3's green. The dam at Hole no. 8 (left of the fairway)

3. Lateral Water Hazards (Rule 26-1)

Indicated by red stakes.

The right-hand side of Hole No 3. Stream behind the green at Hole no. 4.

The right-hand side of the fairway at Hole no. 5. Including the ditch on the left-hand side.

Water at the right of Green No. 7. The right-hand side of fairway number one

The right-hand side of fairway number three. The right-hand side of fairway number five

The right-hand side of hole number seven. The right-hand side of fairway number eight

4. Protection of young trees

Identified by white stakes. If such a tree interferes with the player’s; stance or his intended swing,
the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 24-2.

(One club length away, but not closer to the hole).

5. Sandbag

Each player is required to have a sandbag which is to be used to fill his divit mark on the fairway.

6. Placing

One club length placing is allowed on the fairway, but not closer to the hole. This ball may be cleaned.

7. Free Drop

Free drop is allowed on all roadways and paths.

8. Nature

This golf course is situated in a nature conservation area and must be treated as such.

9. Ground under repair (Rule 25-1)

This area is defined by either white paint or an appropriate GUR sign from which play is prohibited.

If a player’s ball lies in this area he can take relief without a penalty stroke not closer to the pin.

10. Distance measuring devices (Rule 14-3) may be used.

(Not wind-speed and gradient).

11. Play time

Please speed up play – nine holes to be completed in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

12. Bunkers

Please rake bunkers

13. Motorized Carts

Drivers of motorized carts are requested not to drive on tees, greens, surrounds, or any soft/wet ground areas indicated by the Green Keeper.

14. Dangerous situation - One prolonged note or siren.

(Players must return to the Clubhouse immediately). Penalty for breach of rule – Disqualification
Resume play - Two short notes of siren, repeated.

15. Notice Boards

For temporary local rules see notice boards.

16. Dress Code

Players are at all times subject to the dress code as outlined by Kranspoort Golf Club management.

17. Shoes

Only proper golf shoes with soft spikes are allowed on Course.

Club Constitution

Golf Club Constitution


All future references in this document to Kranspoort Owners Committee will be abbreviated as KOC.
a. General manager
b. Club Manager (Appointed by KOC)
c. Club Chairman (Elected by members)
d. Club Captain (Elected by members)
e. Club Treasurer (Appointed by KOC)
To ensure the future of the Golf Business and at the same time protecting this investment, the business will stand on two legs.
i. Business Management
ii. Golf Committee managing the sport.
4.1 The Business Management team will ensure that sound business principles are followed and provide the golf members and visitors with facilities for playing the game of Golf.
Finances will be administered through the Kranspoort Central Offices. All transactions will be done through the financial system that is linked in real time to the Pastel system in the Central offices. Accurate reports and statements can be generated at any time by approved users. The Business management team have control systems in place to manage cash flow.
Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019
Kranspoort Golf Club will function with it’s own budget, prepared by the Business Management Team, and approved and allocated by KOC, but bookkeeping and bank accounts will be merged with KOC.
All income generated from the Golf facility that includes the Pro shop, halfway house, golf carts, pub, sponsorships, play fees and subscription fees will be utilised exclusively to improve the Kranspoort Golf Club facilities and the game of golf.
Buying, selling and dealing in all equipment, refreshments, liquor to comply within the provisions of the Liquor Act.
The Club Manager will grant or refuse permission to non-members to use the Club on any conditions it deems fit and reasonable.
The recommendations regarding appointing, suspending or dismissing any official and/or worker of the Club and to determine their salaries, benefits and duties will be done by the Business Management Team.
If the annual subscriptions of a member have not been paid before the last day of March, the Business Management Team will reserve the right to terminate the membership of such member.
4.2 The Golf Committee (appointed by KOC and elected by Club members) shall consist of:
❖ Club Chairman (elected by members)
❖ Treasurer (appointed by KOC)
❖ Club Captain (elected by members)
❖ Ladies Captain (elected by members)
❖ Club Secretary (elected by members)
❖ 3 (three) additional members (elected by members)

4.3 All by-laws and regulations passed by the Committee shall be binding on the members of the club. The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies occurring in their number during the year.
4.4 At all meetings of the Committee, the Club Chairman, or in his absence the Club Captain will take the chair. In the absence of both a chairman will be appointed by the members present to chair the meeting.
4.5 The Golf committee will preserve the spirit and traditions of golf and protects its interests.
4.6 The Golf committee will be required to organise competitions, tournaments and championships for its members and to participate in official leagues and fixtures. They represent the Golf club members and should take all possible steps necessary to satisfy them.


The Golf Committee member (Treasurer) who is appointed by KOC will remain in his positions for as long as deemed fit by the KOC and will therefore not be part of the election process. He may however, nominate members to serve on the Golf Committee.
5.1 Candidates for election are nominated in writing by a proposal and seconded – this nomination must be accepted in writing by the candidate. Such nomination must be received at least seven (7) days before the Annual General Meeting and communicated to the members.
Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019
At each Annual General Meeting of the Club, two (2) of the members of the Club committee, who were elected by the members, shall retire and new committee members shall be elected in their place: Such retiring committee members are however eligible for re-election without nominations.
5.2 The Committee members to retire shall be designated by a Committee meeting to determine the basis for retirement by rotation.
5.3 Candidates must be nominated for specific office positions; Club Captain, Ladies Captain, Club Secretary and four (4) additional members. From these 4 additional members the committee will then select the Chairman, who will be ratified by KOC. All elected members will serve on the Golf Committee along with the member appointed by KOC
5.4 The Prerequisite for the Chairman position is that he/she shall be either an owner of a property inside Kranspoort, or the spouse or living partner of a current property owner.
5.5 The elected Chairman, Club Captain, Ladies Captain and Secretary will hold office for a term of two (2) years. They may serve a maximum of two (2) terms.


6.1 Managing of the Sport Club, management of its affairs and the execution of the objectives for which it was established are vested in the Committee.
6.2 The Committee may at its own discretion delegate any of its powers to a sub-committee consisting of one or more of the members of the Club. The sub-committee shall comply with any provisions laid down by the Committee, but shall determine its own proceedings and actions within the provisions of the Constitution to reach their mandate and objective. Regular feedback will be given to the Committee.
6.3 Make, amend or repeal by-laws for the management of the Club, such by-laws must be posted on the Clubs notice-board at least 14 days before they come into force and will be posted by the Club Secretary.
6.4 The committee will propose membership fees for new members, subscriptions as well as green fees of ordinary members to the Business Management Team for approval.
6.5 The committee will arrange terms of reciprocity with other clubs.
6.6 The committee will elect candidates for admission to membership and at any time make decisions on the termination of the membership of any member who has failed to pay any debt due to the Club.
6.7 The committee will formulate Local Rules for the control of the game.
6.8 The committee will at any-time convene a special General meeting of members by giving not less than 7 days notice; as well as the purposes for which the meeting is to be convened. No other matters shall be dealt with at such a meeting.
6.9 The Committee is responsible to appoint a disciplinary subcommittee as well as a handicaps committee.


Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019
Will be for paid-up Kranspoort Golf Club members and will take place each year at the end of February. The time and place for the Annual General meeting will be determined by the Committee. However, this meeting will not be later than the 31 March.
Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019
7.2 SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING (Requested by Club members)
To do so a written document needs to be submitted to the Committee. Such request shall be signed by at least 10 ordinary members. Only the matters for which it was convened shall be discussed.
A notice stating the day, hour, place and agenda for the General Meeting will be posted on the notice board at the Club fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting and seven (7) days before the Special General Meeting.
7.3.a At any General Meeting a quarter of the club Members (25%) with voting rights will form a quorum.
7.3.b Voting proxy’s received will count towards the members present tally.
7.3.c If no quorum is present after 15 minutes after the advertised starting time the meeting will be adjourned. The next meeting will be scheduled by the Committee. The general rule will be one week later, the same place and time. Irrespective of the number of members at the second meeting those present shall constitute a quorum and the meeting may proceed.

7.4.1 Read the notice of the meeting
7.4.2 Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, and of any other general meeting.
7.4.3 Complete an attendance register of all those present at the meeting.
7.4.4 Compile a list of the matters arising from the previous meetings.
7.4.5 To receive and consider the Annual Chairman’s report in respect of the affairs of the Club
7.4.6 Subject to Section 5, the election of new Committee members.
7.4.7 To deal with any proposed resolution concerning the affairs of the Club, of which due notice must have been given in writing to the Secretary at least seven (7) days before the date of the meeting.
7.5.1 Only paid-up members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.
7.5.2 Paid-up members may allocate a voting proxy to another paid-up member. These proxy’s must reach the Secretary at least seven (7) days before the date of the meeting to be eligible.
7.5.3 Suspended members and members whose subscriptions are in arrears for more than three (3) months will not have voting rights.
7.5.4 Every question submitted to the meeting shall be decided by a show of hands.
7.5.5 If the Chairman or five (5) members present with voting rights request a ballot the meeting shall vote by means of a ballot.
7.5.6 A general meeting may pass a resolution by voting on any of the points on the Agenda without overruling the powers of the Committee. Where such votes are in conflict with the decisions of the Committee, the General Meeting may refer the matter for reconsideration by the Committee. This may lead to the calling of a Special General Meeting to resolve this matter.
Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019
7.6.1 The Committee shall meet at least once every two months. And at such other
times as may be necessary for the transacting of business. A quorum shall be at least five (5) Committee members present in person.
7.6.2 At least three (3) days written or verbal notice shall be given for all meetings.
7.6.3 Any resolution of the Committee shall be carried on a simple majority of all votes cast.
7.6.4 Failing the presence of the Chairman, the Club Captain will take the chair. As per Section 4.5.
7.6.5 New members to be approved by at least one Committee member.


8.1 Application for membership must be in writing on the prescribed application form.
8.2 Each candidate for membership shall be proposed by a club member. This application will be submitted to the Committee. If the Committee vote against the admission of a candidate the application for membership shall be turned down. Such person may not apply for membership of the Club again for a period of twelve (12) months.
8.3 A candidate who has been elected in the above way will be officially notified of his acceptance of membership.


The Committee may invite any person who, in the opinion of the Committee, has done the Club a particular service to become an Honorary Life Member of the Club. Such Honorary membership is subject to the approval of a General Meeting of members.
The Committee may invite any person to become an Honorary Member of the Club upon such terms and for such period as the Committee may determine. Such Honorary membership shall not continue for longer than one (1) year unless the Committee renews such membership at the end of the year. Such membership is subject to the approval of a General Meeting.
18 Years and older
Scholar Member (Younger than 18 years at the day of joining)
Full time student with official student card max age 24 years
Officially on pension or above 60 years


10.1 The Club Manager must submit the names of persons who have not paid their annual subscriptions to the Committee by the end of March. These persons shall be informed in writing by the Club Manager of the termination of their membership.
10.2 The Committee has the discretionary powers to re-instate such person as a member on such terms as the Committee may decide on.
Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019
10.3 Kranspoort Golf Club undertakes to pay the South African Golf Association, Mpumalanga Golf Union and the Highveld Association the affiliation fees and / or levies prescribed by these bodies.


11.1 The Club secretary shall keep an official register of the names and address details of each Club member.
11.2 General Club notices to members shall be posted on the Club notice board. Electronic media will also serve as official notification.
11.3 A special notice shall be considered to be properly delivered if it is posted, faxed or electronically transmitted to the address details recorded in the above register.
11.4 It is the duty of every Club member to advise the Management of the Club immediately of any change of address details.


12.1 The Disciplinary Committee is appointed by the committee and has the power to investigate each disciplinary matter and make a recommendation for action to the Committee. If any member contravenes or breaks any of the rules and/or by-laws and/or regulations of the Club, or is guilty of any action which conflicts with the interest of the Club, whether within or beyond the Club’s precincts the Disciplinary Committee shall deal with the matter as follows:
a. The member involved is notified in writing of the charge against him, and given at least seven (7) working days notice to appear before the Disciplinary Committee (Secretary and 2 elected members) in order to defend him/herself against the charge.
b. Once the matter has been investigated by the Disciplinary Committee, a recommendation for action will be made to the Committee.
c. Slighter contraventions for which fines are imposed shall be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.
12.2 Once the Disciplinary Committee’s recommendation has been received the Committee has the power to:
a. Reprimand the member involved.
b. Notify the member involved in writing or telephonically to appear before the Committee to explain his/her conduct. Such notification shall be given at least seven (7) working days before the meeting. If the member does not comply with this request, he/she may be permanently expelled or dealt with in such manner as the Committee, at its discretion, may deem fit.
c. Temporary deprive the member involved of all his/her privileges as a member of the Club for a period the Committee feels is appropriate.
d. Permanently expel member involved. In this case two thirds of the Committee members present must vote in favour of the expulsion. In the event of any persons being expelled, such person shall not have the right to a refund of any contribution or fees paid by him/her. No member shall be expelled unless he/she has had the opportunity to appear before the relevant sub-committee or the Club committee.
Revision 3
Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019


13.1 INTERPRETATION of Club Constitution.
If any doubt or dispute shall arise as to the proper construction or interpretation of any of the clauses in the constitution or by-laws of the Club, the matter or question shall be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.
Any changes or additions to the Constitution must be approved by the Golf Committee, after which the Club Chairman will get approval from KOC. After KOC approval the final draft will be put forward for approval at a General Meeting before implementation. For the purpose of changes to the constitution at least 25% of the paid-up members will form a quorum.


14.1 Club facilities and Golf Course shall be used by members at their own risk.
14.2 For the purpose of this clause, the term “member” shall include all classes of members described in this Constitution including visitors.


All actions or suits at Law brought by or against the club shall be in the name of the Golf Club; however the Golf Club is managed on behalf of the owner (KOC).


16.1 Dress regulations on notice boards must be strictly adhered to.
16.2 Rowdiness, as well as the usage of foul and/or abusive language is strictly prohibited.
16.3 No player withdrawing from the competition will be allowed to make use of replacements if a waiting-list exists.
16.4 Bad behaviour on the course is not allowed.
16.5 No play without preceding payment will be allowed.
16.6 Two or more players out of one golf bag will not be allowed.
16.7 Every player must familiarise himself with the Local Rules before play commences.
16.8 No unauthorised person will be allowed on the Course.
16.9 All players must report to the starter 15 minutes before tee-off time.
16.10 Proof of handicap must be submitted by all players to be eligible for prizes.
16.11 All visitors must complete the Club Visitors Book.
16.12 All Trophies remain the property of the Club unless otherwise stated.

17. DRESS CODE ON THE GOLF COURSE (As approved by Mpumalanga Golf Union)

17.1 All shirts must have a collar – No T-shirts or vest like tops will be allowed. Shirts must be tucked in. Branded polo collar shirts are permissible.
17.2 Golf long trousers with socks. Jeans or the like are not allowed.
17.3 Golf shorts with long hose or white short socks / anklet socks are permitted. Only golf shoes with soft spikes are allowed.
17.4 Any jersey, windbreaker golf cap/hat worn must be neat, tidy and clean.
17.5 Golf bags / carts must be in a presentable condition/state

Revision approved at AGM – 16 March 2019

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