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About Us

The story of Kranspoort as we know it today started in 1990 when the town was proclaimed a holiday town. From its humble beginnings, it grew into the beautiful town it is. Nestled between rugged mountains in a typical bushveld setting it is home to free-roaming game. It is also a birder’s paradise and offers hiking trails and 4x4 routes as well as a pristine 9-hole golf course and scenic picnic spots. Kranspoort is situated next to the N11 between Middelburg and Groblersdal and a mere five kilometers from the important natural landmark in the area, Loskop Dam. The dam boasts a holiday resort offering several watersport facilities, a nature reserve, holiday accommodation, and a restaurant and shop.

But Kranspoort can trace its existence back to its predecessor, a holiday village known as Die Bron, situated between Groblersdal and Bronhorstspruit. This property was expropriated by the government in the mid-80s. The founders used their government payout to buy a new tract of land on which the two-holiday townships Kranspoort Holiday Town and Kranspoort Holiday Town Extension 1, were proclaimed on 28 November 1990. They were unfortunately liquidated in the early nineties where after a group of businessmen (Group 12) took over the development. In 2004 the owners accepted the responsibility of the management of the town with the creation of an Article 21 company that looks after the interests of all owners.

The residential area has been divided into more than 500 plots interspersed with open park areas. More than 300 houses have been built or are nearing completion. There are  several senior citizens that came to the town to retire. Some residents work in nearby towns. The last category is those people who spend weekends and holidays here just to recharge their batteries. Several estate agents operate in the town.

Thanks to Kranspoort’s own neighbourhood watch in conjunction with the local CPF and a security company with alarm monitoring and armed reaction. Kranspoort Residents are ready and able and have a general feeling of safety. More than 80 two-way radios enable our neighborhood watch to quickly render assistance in case of emergency.

Kranspoort’s coat of arms: 

The shield contains an aloe placed centrally, symbolizing the flora of the area. Above it, an antelope is symbolic of the fauna,

while two cliffs forming a valley are indicative of the topography of the vicinity. A helmet is placed above the shield,

while the helmet is topped by a town wall, symbolizing the town status of Kranspoort. Perched on the wall is a

woodland kingfisher – a nod to the wide variety of bird life at Kranspoort. The motto “Relaxo in Natura” means “Relax in Nature”.

Kranspoort Emblem, Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal

Our Team

Kranspoort is managed as a non-profit organization by a Kranspoort Owners Committee NPC, which has its own directors. Some permanent staff members are managed by our Operational Manager. The Kranspoort board consists of nine directors, a requirement in the company's Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI). These directors offer their services free of charge. Each director has his/her own portfolio. Directors are appointed for a term of three years at an Annual General Meeting.  The term of three of the directors expires annually, but they may be re-elected. The directors appoint their own chairman and vice-chairman. Currently, directors’ meetings take place every month. The board is adamant to ensure that the company is managed with strict financial discipline, good control, and proven management principles. It also strives to transfer knowledge to permanent staff.

Office Personnel

Christo Landman is the Operations Manager and Company Secretary. He oversees the functioning of the town, the game farm, and the golf course. His duties include finances, maintenance, and development of infrastructure, safety, personnel management, etc.

Anna-Marie Myburgh runs reception and is an administrative officer. She's the face of Kranspoort’s administrative office. With her warm smile, she welcomes each and everyone looking for help and guidance or those with odd complaints.

Ingrid Kruger looks after financial matters. She ensures that KEK’s book balance and accounts are paid and statements are mailed on time.

Kranspoort Office Staff,  Mpumalanga, Middelburg, Groblersdal



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